Certificate Deployment with ConfigMgr

In general, using Active Directory Group Policies to deploy certificates is the easiest and best way to go; however, what if you don’t trust Group Policy, your organization isn’t willing to use Group Policy or has so much red-tape involved with Group Policy that its impractical to use, or you have workgroup systems? Use Compliance Settings

ConfigMgr and OSX Management

Although in the past I swore I would never touch an Apple device — not because I thought the devices themselves were bad but instead because I hated the aura around them, the company, and the fan-boys — things have changed in the past year. I’ve been using a iPhone for a little over a

WSUS Cleanup for ConfigMgr

Since ConfigMgr 2007 was released, the recommendation and firm statement from Microsoft has been to not perform any administration within a ConfigMgr integrated WSUS instance. In particular, performing approvals or declines was something you definitely should not do. Over the past year, two issues have cropped up to change this stance. The first issue is

.local: Just Say No

In the early days of Active Directory, Microsoft’s de facto standard was to use the .local namespace for AD domains. “De facto” because I don’t think there was any specific documentation or formal statement saying this but all of their examples and labs used it so a lot of organizations setting up Active Directory did

User Context in ConfigMgr 2012 Applications

Every now and then someone will post to the forums claiming that ConfigMgr is not running an application as the user when the deployment type is set to “Install for User” or not running it as system when set to “Install for system”. Well, it’s time to put this one to rest once and for all.

Stop the Insanity

I see a lot of different things in a lot of different environments done by different Windows and ConfigMgr administrators. Sometimes, I just have to shake my head and press on … because if I didn’t I’d go insane. So, here’s a short list of things that drive me bonkers or at least run away screaming (emphasis on “a”

Package Conversion Manager and ConfigMgr R2 SP1 (or SP2)

For anyone that has upgraded their Configuration Manager 2012 site to R2 SP1 or (non-R2) SP2 or done a clean installation of either of these, you’ve probably hit a wall when trying to install Package Conversion Manager (PCM) 2.0. I don’t use PCM all that often, but it is a nice tool and has some

ConfigMgr Startup Script Updated

I’ve had a couple of minor fixes and updates in the queue for a while now and finally got around to putting them in and making the new version available: ConfigMgr Startup Script version 1.7.5.

Local Shutdown Tracking in ConfigMgr

Another example I quickly covered in my System Center Universe Europe 2015 session on Advanced Data Collection was tracking shutdowns of managed systems. This is done by selectively collecting event log entries from systems using hardware inventory. As with all things hardware inventory, WMI is the key and in this case the Windows event log events are

Links for System Center Universe Europe 2015 Inventory Session

60 minutes goes by really quick and it’s very difficult to cover even very targeted topics in that short amount of time. This definitely applied to my Advanced Data Collection session at System Center Universe Europe 2015. To my knowledge the recording will be up on Channel 9 soon but also links with supporting information