IP Subnet Boundaries Are Still Evil

Yes, IP Subnet boundaries are in fact, still evil. This is the long (very long) overdue follow up to my previous post called IP Subnet Boundaries are Evil. Since creating that post, there has been some serious FUD so let’s set the record straight. It’s not that IP Subnet boundaries don’t work. They absolutely do

UI++ Released

I’m still actively working on improving UI++ and adding features and functionality and thus, I bring you version Based on feedback and production testing, I’m happy to call version a final version (and thus no longer in beta). Download the latest version on the UI++ page. What’s New: Updated and reorganized the documentation

UI++ Updated to version

That’s right, version of UI++ is ready. This is still considered a beta, beta 2 to be exact, but I’m getting closer to slapping the non-beta label on it. What’s New: Added basic App Tree functionality Added Registry Write capabilities Added Required attribute for user input Updated icons Minor bugfixes Included non-debug exes in download

Stand-alone Installer Returns

Not sure if it was my griping, kicking, screaming, and general whining to the right people (let’s just say it was), but someone finally came to their senses on the team that controls the Windows Update Agent (WUA) at Microsoft. Today they released an updated stand-alone installer that can be pushed out by ConfigMgr to update the WUA to the

ConfigMgr Startup Script Updated

A couple of smaller updates to the startup script including a new feature and a bug fix: - The new feature is the ability to delete a registry value. I added this for a recent engagement involving a divestiture where the former parent company was using the ConfigMgr GPO to assign the client site. Because

Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager: MVP Experts Panel

For those that missed TechEd North America 2014, were too busy to attend our session, or want to watch it again, here it is! Direct link: Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager: MVP Experts Panel Greg Ramsey: @ramseyg Jason Sandys: @jasonsandys Johan Arwidmark: @jarwidmark Kent Agerlund: @Agerlund  

Content Distribution Magic

Content Distribution Follow-up This post is inspired by a question submitted on my previous post: Content Distribution: The Myth. The question was about how ConfigMgr determines if files are different when deciding whether or not to replicate them to distribution points. Specifically, the requestor wanted to know whether a simple name change to a file

Content Distribution: The Myth

A quick post to dispel a common ConfigMgr myth about content distribution. The functionality in question is what happens when you change the source location of a package (or any content since they’re all technically packages on the back-end)? I’ve seen it stated multiple times by multiple folks that ConfigMgr will re-copy all of the

Notes on The Software Update Scan Cycle

Most of the below information is cobbled together from a couple of TechNet pages, a blog post or two, presentations I’ve seen over the years, conversations I’ve had with others, forum posts and experience — there’s just no one definitive source with a product as big as ConfigMgr that also relies on another full product in

We Speak Geek Webinar

Custom Data Gathering and Use with ConfigMgr, Part 2 This session is a follow-on session from part 1 presented at System Center Universe and will focus on advanced ways to gather and use data within System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr); it will build on the part 1 material including some advanced inventory techniques including the